About Us

Breed Nutrition Inc was formed by three friends wanting more from dietary supplements

If you are like us and you participate in working out, weight-lifting, martial arts, rugby, running and/or all manners of outdoor activity… surely “one size does not fit all” and there can be a better way to get the specific supplements for the specific type of training.

Unsatisfied with the status quo, we decided to make our own nutritional supplements for ourselves, eliminating any component that was not essential to our work out. Each ingredient in our Breed Nutrition Inc products provides a positive benefit… no fillers what so ever. As there are fewer ingredients, it is easy to separate the “muscular endurance” requirements from the “mental focus” requirements… thus the Power and Focus Formulas were born. They are designed to stand alone or be combined for the best possible results. We have included more information in the product description sections.

Once we produced the initial product for our own use, friends and colleagues asked if they could try it out. Of course we were happy to let them try it and the feedback we received was overwhelming…”This is the best supplement I have ever had, I had an awesome workout and feel great”, “I love the fact that I can separate them and only take what I want depending on my workout…why has no one thought of that?”, “You guys made this? You should mass produce it and sell it!” After numerous similar positive comments we decided we might have inadvertently developed a product that many of you would like and appreciate. We don’t hide behind proprietary blend nonsense, what you see on the label is what is in the jar, we want our users to know exactly what they are putting into their bodies.

Breed Nutrition Inc was established in 2014. Our philosophy is simple… we made what we wanted in our supplements… the most effective ingredients that give us the optimum effects and results for every workout. Nothing else.

We hope you gives us a try,

-Zip, Rizzo & Dr Carl