Power Formula


Designed to give you energy at the cellular level, Power Formula contains ingredients that can help you workout harder, longer or go faster, further.  This non-stimulant blend is ideal for those athletes that would like a boost but do not want to get their blood pressure or heart rate up. Power can be taken alone or combined with focus Formula for optimum results.


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The “strength” half of Breed Nutrition’s one-two combo, Breed Power enables you to go the distance during a hard workout. Containing ingredients that produce energy at the cellular level, Breed Power boosts performance passed the point of failure and into greatness! Taken alone or paired with Breed Focus, Breed Power produces serious results.

Creatine HCL Powder
Pure Micronized Creatine HCL – 99.99%
Promotes high intensity energy
Increases strength & power

L-Citrulline Powder
Eliminates endotoxins
Useful for intense physical activity

Beta Alanine Powder
100% Pure Beta Alanine
Reduces feelings of fatigue
Increases power & training volume

L-Arginine a-Ketoglutarate (AAKG) Powder
Improves delivery of nutrients to muscles
Increases blood flow and muscular pump
Extended increase in nitric oxide levels


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